lundi 13 octobre 2014

Tires with Nitrogen gas (N2)

The aircraft tires filled with nitrogen gas. It was fractionated from normally liquid air. This is due to the following reasons:

1. oxygen, landing, the tire becomes very hot in the friction with the road surface and brake. Fire and explosion hazard is less for it does not contain oxygen

2. moisture, it causes less deterioration and corrosion, such as magnesium, changes in internal pressure due to the temperature change is small.

In many cases nitrogen also filled in tire of racing car . The case of a racing car, the temperature difference between the warm state and when cold is intense, and in-use before use, the data of the pressure change after use, to give a moderate ground (when the pace up is required especially) when driving need to be managed as gas having a stable expansion rate of change is required to do so. This means that if there is a humidity change by weather conditions as air, for expansion rate of change of the filling gas is not stable,

It would not be able to pressure management. And filled with nitrogen gas as a single to avoid it. However the (air dried in a forced manner) dry air is filled without often with nitrogen by placing the F1. This Ru is because the expansion rate of the gas is almost unchanged if moisture is removed. Significant grip change can not occur in a nitrogen-filled for this purpose. Pressure is changed according to the tire temperature and case ground contact area, that is the grip changes accordingly, the change is not much different for the (dry air) other gases.

In passenger cars, there are cases where it is recommended nitrogen gas at a gas station and some car accessory store. It is said that reducing the air pressure maintenance is the greatest benefit the effect of prevention of deterioration of fuel consumption are also considered derivatively Te other, but not a direct manner. There is also talk of reducing the road noise but there is no scientific basis. Also, since 79% of air is nitrogen originally, there is also a voice questioned effect (cost-effectiveness).

Became an opportunity to be popular,is that it is often used in large trucks to carry out high-speed long-distance driving. This is contemplated to suppressing the internal tire pressure increase caused by long-distance high-speed operation, it is consistent with reasons aircraft and racing cars. It has not been popular such as dump trucks lot of investment in the wasteland and short distance in reverse.

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